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How to Identify If an Application Supports CPU and GPU Acceleration?

multi-core CPU office password unlocker GPU acceleration technology

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 03:41 AM

One must be careful in purchasing an application advertising multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration! Some of the applications on the market are not really capable of multi-core CPU or GPU accelerated.

I once purchased an Office password unlocker tool, only to find out it doesn’t support GPU acceleration at all. Here in this article I’d like to share some knowledge I’ve collected on multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration as well as method to check out whether an application supports multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration or not.

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If we call CPU as the brain of a PC, increasingly, the brain is being enhanced by another part of the PC—the GPU, which is its soul. GPU, as a special-purpose co-processor that helps the traditional central processor (CPU) with graphical tasks, has been widely used over the past few years.

Single-core CPU & Multi-core CPU and GPU

Now in desktop, laptop, and notebook computing, multi-core is a mainstream. Single-core processors that pushed for higher and higher clock speeds long ago have reached the point of diminishing returns.
Compared with singe-core CPU system, a multi-core GPU based on multi-core CPU can get the acceleration of more than 2 to 15 times in computing speed, showing great potential in data encryption and decryption. If an Office password recovery application supports such powerful multi-CPU and GPU acceleration, then the password decryption speed will be surprisingly fast.

How to indentify if an application supports multi-core GPU acceleration?
As what I have put it in the 1st paragraph, some hardware or applications are not really capable of CPU and GPU acceleration. In the following I will take Office Password Recovery Professional (an application which supports the CPU and GPU acceleration) for instance to show you how to easily identify if it supports the multi-core GPU acceleration.

1.First, get the application—Office Password Recovery Professional, installed to a computer without discrete graphics card. Then launch it and get ready to use it to recover password for the target Excel file. Later, the below interface will show up with the exact Excel password displayed. And during the recovery process, you can also see the recovery speed and time used.

Posted Image
Recover Excel Password without Multi-core GPU acceleration

2.Now install the application to another computer with discrete graphics card. And follow the step above to recover Excel password. And when the password recovery process finishes, you will get the following interface with the exact Excel password, recovery time and speed displayed.

Posted Image
Recover Excel Password with Multi-core GPU acceleration

Now you can compare the data displayed in the above 2 pictures. It is quite obvious: If an application supports GPU acceleration, then its computing speed will be quite several times faster than one without such a function.

Article source: http://officepasswor...celeration.html